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Geographic Research For Local SEO

Geographic Research For Local SEO

Welcome to part 4 of the Local SEO Keyword Research blog series. 

In this post I am going to teach you how to thoroughly research your targeted area, collecting all relevant city, town and village names 

When you start structuring your website for effective local SEO you will need this research. This research is serves 4 key purposes:

  • To allow you to create “area pages” targeting each main town 
  • To build local relevance on those town pages
  • To build village pages targeting specific villages
  • To research all viable local link building opportunities further in the process

This is the fastest area of research to do, unless of course you are optimizing for a huge geographical area. 

Even if you know your targeted area inside out it is still worth spending time to collect the data on your spreadsheet to ensure you have covered every location. 

This research is simple to carry out and only requires the use of Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia actually lists all areas by postal code, simply Google “Wiki your county postal codes” as in this image:

Wikipedia search for local seo

Once you are on the page for the relevant postal area you will see a list like this.

Wikipedia postal codes screenshot

Simply copy and paste all relevant areas into the geo research tab of your spreadsheet for later use.

For your reference I have included a complete list of UK postal areas and links to the relevant Wikipedia pages here:-

PostcodesWikipedia Pages
ABClick Here
ALClick Here
BClick Here
BAClick Here
BBClick Here
BDClick Here
BFClick Here
BHClick Here
BLClick Here
BNClick Here
BRClick Here
BSClick Here
BTClick Here
BXClick Here
CAClick Here
CBClick Here
CFClick Here
CHClick Here
CMClick Here
COClick Here
CRClick Here
CTClick Here
CVClick Here
CWClick Here
DAClick Here
DDClick Here
DEClick Here
DGClick Here
DHClick Here
DLClick Here
DNClick Here
DTClick Here
DYClick Here
EClick Here
ECClick Here
EHClick Here
ENClick Here
EXClick Here
FKClick Here
FYClick Here
GClick Here
GLClick Here
GUClick Here
GYClick Here
HAClick Here
HDClick Here
HGClick Here
HPClick Here
HRClick Here
HSClick Here
HUClick Here
HXClick Here
IGClick Here
IMClick Here
IPClick Here
IVClick Here
JEClick Here
KAClick Here
KTClick Here
KWClick Here
KYClick Here
LClick Here
LAClick Here
LDClick Here
LEClick Here
LLClick Here
LNClick Here
LSClick Here
LUClick Here
MClick Here
MEClick Here
MKClick Here
MLClick Here
NClick Here
NEClick Here
NGClick Here
NNClick Here
NPClick Here
NRClick Here
NWClick Here
OLClick Here
OXClick Here
PAClick Here
PEClick Here
PHClick Here
PLClick Here
POClick Here
PRClick Here
RGClick Here
RHClick Here
RMClick Here
SClick Here
SAClick Here
SEClick Here
SGClick Here
SKClick Here
SLClick Here
SMClick Here
SNClick Here
SOClick Here
SPClick Here
SRClick Here
SSClick Here
STClick Here
SWClick Here
SYClick Here
TAClick Here
TDClick Here
TFClick Here
TNClick Here
TQClick Here
TRClick Here
TSClick Here
TWClick Here
UBClick Here
WClick Here
WAClick Here
WCClick Here
WDClick Here
WFClick Here
WNClick Here
WRClick Here
WSClick Here
WVClick Here
YOClick Here
ZEClick Here

I have sourced this reference for those doing Local SEO in the USA. 

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