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Introduction To Local SEO Keyword Research For Google Maps & Local Organic Search

Introduction To Local SEO Keyword Research For Google Maps & Local Organic Search

I aim to make this local SEO keyword research series the best on the internet – allowing you as a local business owner to carry out the most advanced and in depth keyword research for your business.

Once complete and implemented into your website you will attract traffic from hundreds of relevant long tail local keywords while your competitors all scrap for your main industry keyword locally. 

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process that anyone setting out to build a website or optimize an existing one should go through, especially if you actually want to rank for terms that will generate traffic. 

The Keyword research process finds all search terms that are relevant to your business, analyses the competition levels of those keywords while considering the commercial intent of the terms themselves.

Once your research is complete you will know which keywords are likely to be the most profitable to rank your website for and have competitive intelligence regarding all keywords in your industry and location.

You will then have the data required to accurately optimize your website, its content, your images and all of your link building activity to truly dominate your local market.

Why is Keyword Research So Important for Local SEO?

Many business owners and SEO companies alike don’t bother doing in depth keyword research for local SEO and simply target the obvious terms for their website – leaving the door wide open for you to follow the process and grab hundreds of visitors each month that they have simply neglected. 

Going after the obvious keywords only is literally like leaving money on the table that’s why my in-depth keyword research process has 4 very clear components. 

Industry Keywords

Industry keywords are your core keywords. E.g “Accountant Liverpool”, “Liverpool accountants” or other variations of your targeted industry / location. 

Service Keywords

Service keywords are the names of each service provided by a business and the variations of such words and phrases. 

Continuing with the Accountant in Liverpool example. 

Services provided by the accountancy could include:

  • Self Employed accountancy
  • Limited Company Accountancy
  • Confirmation Statement Filing
  • Annual Return Filing 
  • Probate
  • etc

Once you start to build or optimize your website each service should have its own fully optimized page, targeting a service keyword and its variations. 

Problem Based Keywords

The keywords that you discover during your problem based keyword research will be used as ideas to create high quality blog content around while supporting other relevant content on your website. 

Taking our Accountant in Liverpool example again;

Problem based keywords would include answering;

  • Tax Return Dates
  • How does the tax year work and when is tax due
  • How do I register an employee for PAYE 
  • Etc

Geographical Keywords 

Geographical keywords are straight forward, so long as you get all of them which 99% of local websites fail to do so. 

When you read the training and watch the video on this topic you will be able to ensure that your website is in the 1% that gets this element right!

In our example of the Account in Liverpool.

Do you think all of their potential clients are searching with “liverpool” as the geo keyword?

If you answered yes then you are leaving a lot of visitors on the table, ranking for other local areas where clients also come from would have great benefit for the accountant. Other areas could include:

  • Bootle
  • Seaforth
  • Kirkby
  • Knowsley
  • Tarbock Green
  • Along with all the suburbs
Local SEO Liverpool Areas

Over My Shoulder Local SEO Keyword Research

Find out how to steal your competitors keywords in the video below along with how to get started doing your own Industry & service based keyword research:

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The Complete Local Keyword Research Blog Post Series

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