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Problem Based Keyword Research For Local SEO

Problem Based Keyword Research For Local SEO

Welcome to part 3 of the Local SEO Keyword Research series, in which I am going to teach you how to find thousands of problem keywords that your potential clients are searching. 

You may be wondering why you need to consider problem based keywords in your Local SEO campaign, well, the keywords you discover in this stage will be used as topic ideas for your blog.

Your blog content will be based on your research for three reasons.

  • Your potential customers are searching for his information
  • The content supports relevance internally helping your service / location keywords rank higher
  • The content helps position you as an expert in your industry
  • The content can be used to attract relevant and authoritative backlinks 

We collect a wide range of keywords including industry leading websites using Keysearch or

Industry Leaders

Who are the leaders in your industry in terms of online presence?

Using the “competitor keywords” strategy taught earlier in this series on your industry leaders you will reveal hundreds of problems that your potential clients are looking to solve.

Try searching Google for “industry advice”, “industry blog” and even just “industry”

  • “Accountancy Advice”
  • “Accountancy Blog” 
  • “Accountancy”

In our accountancy example we find this website:

Local SEO Keyword Research - Industry Intelligence

We then check the website looks to be a very informative industry resource which it looks to be and then take the url into Google like so:

Industry Site Research

The “About 2,310 results” tells us that this website has 2,310 indexed pages in Google. Safe to say that this website is an industry resource with that many pages indexed. 

We then take the website url into Keysearch to extract all of the keywords that it is ranking for in Google.

Keysearch or Ahrefs

Using the “Keyword Research” module of Keysearch you are able to gather all of the keywords that any website is ranking for, entering your industry leading website url reveals a lot of data.

keysearch for local keyword research

In the image below you can see the software has pulled back 701 rankings which is perfect for a small local business and is more than enough data to work with. 

However using gives you a complete and comprehensive data set, pulling back over 10,000 keywords that are driving traffic to this website. 

Keysearch competitive intelligence

However using gives you a complete and comprehensive data set, pulling back over 10,000 keywords that are driving traffic to this website in UK search. 

ahrefs comparsion

The downside of Ahrefs is the subscription cost of $179 per month to get this level of data – a huge difference from the $17 of keysearch. That’s why I recommend Keysearch for DIY local business SEO.

Carry out this research on at least 3 of the top 10 results on Google, this should return you a huge range of keywords to work from – even if you are using keysearch. 

Watch Over My Shoulder As I Carry Out This Problem Based Keyword Research

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