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Your Business Can Thrive After Lockdown With Local SEO!

Your Business Can Thrive After Lockdown With Local SEO!

As a local business owner you may be very worried about what lies ahead for your business in these times of uncertainty – but now is not time to take your foot off the gas!

Quite the opposite.

Use Lockdown to do everything you possibly can to have your business in a position to thrive after Lockdown.

That starts with being ahead of all of your competitors on search engines, ready to attract those who are searching for your products or services locally. 

You could use this time to master Local SEO and launch a full scale campaign to dominate your local search results as taught in The Definitive Guide To Local SEO 2020.

Implementing on-site SEO as thoroughly as taught in the guide is critical to dominating the Google results for a wide range of search terms in the long term. It is however a time consuming process.

Quick ranking gains for your core business keywords can usually be obtained pretty easily by optimizing core areas of your website and its links. 

The Definitive Guide To Local SEO In 2020 goes way beyond the basics of ranking, however focusing on these three critical areas will yield the highest rewards in the best possible time frame. 

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is where you create and optimize your business listing for Google Maps. 

Google My Business Logo

Optimizing this listing correctly is what forms the strongest possible foundation for your appearance in local search results. 

Almost instant gains can be found by optimizing your Google my business profile thoroughly by:

  • Ensuring Your Business details are correct
  • Adding All Of Your Services
  • Uploading Optimized Images
  • Building Your GMB Website – Super easy to do, just add content!

Get Reviews Published Online

5* Reviews - A Huge Importance To Your Local Business

You can use this Lockdown time to reach out to customers that you have served in the past few months asking if the would be happy to leave a review on your Google profile. 

Getting reviews on your Google My Business listing is important but it is also just as important to encourage reviews on your other key profiles for your business.

Get reviews on your Facebook Page and trustpilot page. (Get your business listed trustpilot free today at

Implement Local Link Building 

Build citations to increase prominence which is a key factor in Google Maps Rankings and arrange some guest blog posting opportunities.


Citations are mentions of your business name, address and telephone number on the internet. 

In years gone by all you had to do to rank top of Google in the maps pack was to build more citations than your competitors, those days are gone and there’s much more to Google’s local algorithm.

However Citations still play a pivotal role in ranking your business on Google maps. 

Each and every citation for your business should be built to its fullest potential, include images, descriptions and unique content.

Download my book to learn how to build citations yourself or order citations and we will build them for you.

Relevant & Authoritative Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blogging Building Your Credibility

To rank on Google you need links to your website that bring relevance & authority. 

Relevance is created from the page that the link appears on being relevant to your targeted search terms. 

Authority is measured by most in the industry using DR – a metric that is created by

The higher the DR, the higher the authority of the website.

Guest blog posts provide you with the ability to get both authoritative and relevant links that are also contextual. (a contextual link is a link in the body text of a webpage)

My book goes into great detail on how to find and get links from guest posting.

On Site Tweaks

If you have access to the backend of your website then you should be able to make a small change that will yield the biggest individual result from your onpage edits. 

Edit your page title tags to include your target keywords.

The title tag in html looks like this:

Title tag example

I am unable to give exact instructions on onsite edits as websites are constructed on various content management systems and also in plain html.

As a business owner you are probably aware of Pareto’s Principle (also known as the 80 / 20 rule), when it comes to local SEO this is Pareto’s Principle in action. 

Download The Definitive Guide To Local SEO Now, sow the seeds and reap your rewards for years to come after Lockdown! 

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